rolled…and live to tell about it…

OK, so it’s taken me a few days to post this because I was QUITE shaken up by the whole incident…

I mean…it REALLY makes you  feel vulnerable and…well…mortal (if that makes sense). And it was also a scary reminder that hey, TIA (this is Africa).

So….we were on our way back from a shoot in Kitgum. I was very hungry and looking forward to the plate of posho and beans I was going to DEVOUR.

Kitgum had recently experienced some heavy rains and for a town with almost non-existent roads…this is a recipe for disaster (as I was soon to experience).

We were  just about 12km outside kitgum town on a road of layered slippery mud.

Usually while driving on these roads there’s all sorts of traffic like cattle, goats and dogs coming out of the bushes, not to mention the kids on their unstable bicycles.

AS we attempt to avoid hitting the children o their bikes, the car slides on this mud road….oh no….

…we try to swing back onto the road, but this just makes things worse and the car completely losses control and veers off the road…rolling a few times…

Talk about unreal….all I can remember is thinking…this is a dream…this can’t be happening…and then praying…just PRAING that the car would stop rolling.

Finally…my prayers are answered and the car stops rolling….are we ok? Is everyoe ok?

The wreckage

The wreckage

I’m not sure…but it seems that we’re not dead….and then the next thing I start panicking…

You see, in Uganda when there is a car crash…often  people will rush the accident and start robbing you while you’re in this state of shock.

And I was most certainly in shock….I mean…my wife, my son…they’re so far from me in Canada….I reach around the seat and find my camera…it’s ok…not ripped off yet…and as I do that, I see the blood.

Still in shock I start shouting…”can somebody tell me where the blood is coming from!!”

By now a good crowd has congregated so I gather my bearings and see that we are all ok, and that the blood is from a cut on my hand (thank God!).

A taxi drives up and offers us a ride to the hospital….

I thank God that we are alive, he kept us safe, and proteccted us.

A few hours later…I’ve sent a text to my wife, my hand is stitched up, and I have a mid concussion.

The next day I have a shoot with some Nile fisherman…the adventure continues.



About flagsheep

Documentary photographer With an interest in culture, traditions and the human condition.
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3 Responses to rolled…and live to tell about it…

  1. Juanitah says:

    Thank God you are alive. He who began the good work in you shall see it to completion

  2. MILLY says:

    who are u no name ..well am in canada my friend is from kitgum do u need help?

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