Muddy Waters

It’s not like you see corpses strewn on the streets as you travel through Northern Uganda….no that would be SHOCKING, UNBELIEVABLE, SICKENING….

Well that might have been the case a couple decades ago during the LRA’s 25 year reign of terror, but now that “The War is Over”….

Northern Ugandan villages could be just like every other 3rd world African village.

But what IS shocking, unbelievable, and sickening…is people are dying in IDP (internally displaced people) camps everyday because they have no access to something so basic as clean WATER.

You know? The stuff we brush our teeth with, cook with, gulp down when it’s hot….the stuff we can buy for 50c at 7-evelen in a plastic bottle, and yes…the stuff we have access to 24 hours a day with the opening of one of our many faucets.

Ok…so that’s the BAD news…

But there IS good news…

Groups like Charity Water,  Safe World Nexus, and others are making major efforts to change this.


Hygiene and Sanitation awareness sessions in communities has increased to create access to water for people returning to their villages from IDP camps. Now, about 85% have access to water with the construction of boreholes and latrines in returnee communities and schools.

Something so basic as a well is proving to be instrumental  in making the transition back home easier. AWESOME!

Ajok Sunday, 6 years and Akot Janet  have some fun time while waiting for their Jerry-cans to be filled with water. (Actually they were trying to run me over!)

Beatrice, Alice and Doreen, Sisters fetch water from one of the bore-holes recently constructed/drilled in Lagwai Village, Pader District.

The boreholes provide fresh water for families that have returned from internally displaced camps.


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Documentary photographer With an interest in culture, traditions and the human condition.
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