The poor cannot afford to be angry…

I LOVE that…..”the poor cannot afford to be angry”. And I love even more that a group of fierce women, who have suffered atrocities beyond comprehension by LRA rebel soldiers, decided…THAT would be the name of their business (Lacan Pekun).

How inspiring….it reminds me that we cannot allow our circumstances to dictate our future…..deep eh?

So what exactly do the ladies of Lacan Pecan do? Well…it is as they say, a hand up not a hand out…

These woman create vivid  jewellery from recycled paper by stringing multicolored paper beads to create something truly unique, and something they can TRULY be proud of.

Right now, the group is relatively small,  they provide work for over 25 vulnerable women returnees as a means of improving their standard of living, encouraging independence, dignity and value of life.

The super cool jewellery they sell include paper bead necklaces, paper bead bracelets, bags and paper bead earrings.

It’s more than just a business. It is a huge source of hope for an entire community of people that have been displaced by war. Each bead maker has her own story of war, poverty …..and now…… hope.

Ellen, 42 years, (below) is the leader of the group. She is a widow and the sole provider for her children. She moved to an IDP camp in Gulu, September 2000 after witnessing the massacre of her village at the hands of LRA rebels.

Before starting the group, Ellen was unable to provide the bare essentials for her children. She felt helpless and felt there was no hope at providing a better life for her children.

The beginning of bead making with Lacan Pe Cun marked a turning point in her life.

She says that working with this group has added years to her life. Sharing experiences with other women has taught her about reconciliation.

And she has her eye on a bigger picture….she would love for this project to take root and grow, providing a future for the many other woman who are victims of atrocities.

Ellen says the biggest challenge is marketing their product. So….SPREAD THE WORD! Get on Twitter, Facebook…or whatever social platform you choose…and tell somebody….

These woman can use all the support we can give!


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Documentary photographer With an interest in culture, traditions and the human condition.
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2 Responses to The poor cannot afford to be angry…

  1. Hi Waz,

    This is deep stuff. Thanks for sharing.
    PS: What does Flagsheep mean?

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