Mushroom ShaBOOM!

Forget spending the last few months of her pregnancy nesting, and planning a nursery…..Lilly Rose will most likely  cultivate mushrooms to sell until the labor pains set in.

But, this is nothing unusual in these parts of Ugnada. Woman do the majority of the farming as most are widows and need to provide for their children.

Lily knows this, which is why she continues to work so hard throughout her pregnancy.

She is a member of  “Lacan Yenyo Kuc“, which means  means “a poor person looking for Peace“. These women are war returnees and have found not only a means to survive through their business, but also a fellowship of support.

Many mushrooms are sold fresh to retail outlets in Alango Trading center. Marketing of fresh mushrooms presents particular problems as they should be consumed within three or four days of harvesting to avoid spoilage. Often they are harvested in the day and sold during the early hours of the following morning, or delivered directly to buyers.


About flagsheep

Documentary photographer With an interest in culture, traditions and the human condition.
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