Cingi Aye Lonyoni (Your hands are your richness)

There must be something irresistible about traditional food.

Auma Sylvia is frying the seeds from the shea butter tree also know ans the ''Yaa'' tree. Lacekocot, Atanga.

If you consider yourself “open minded”  here is one thing that might be high on your list. MOYA, It is a delicacy that comes from a shea butter tree and according to the Acholi tribe it is irresistible.

The Yaa tree

It is a roasted food-oil and a cold-pressed cosmetic-grade shea butter which can be used to add flavor to all kinds of foods.

Atoo pilisana preparing MOYA in Atanga, Pader District. Moya is an acholi delicacy that flavours the food.

The security situation has had drastic repercussions on the Moya production, and much of the harvest was wasted on the ground due to displacement of the Acholi people. Sheanuts had disappeared from the town markets, and prices for sheanut on rural markets had shot up to five times the normal rate.

Women returnees of Atanga IDP showing how much hard work they put in Moya production.

Atoo grinding shea butter roasted seeds. After grinding the seeds are then boiled until it's ready. Atanga, Pader District.

Moya ready to be packed and taken to the market.

Ladies selling Moya at a local market in Atanga, Pader district.


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